CocoTropic - Nootropic Beverage

Enhance focus, concentration, mood, and reduce anxiety. This creamy and delicious cacao blend will boost mental performance.

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  • Mucuna pruriens improves mood and happiness (ref)
  • Reishi mushroom reduces anxiety and improves relaxation (ref)
  • Maca helps reduce anxiety and improve memory (ref) (ref)
  • Raw cacao improves concentration with little caffeine (ref)
  • Cacao powder enhances mood and feelings of happiness (ref)

Imagine hacking your way through the jungle with a machete to source the finest heirloom cacao and natural cognitive enhancers like mucuna pruriens and reishi mushroom extract. It's humid and hot, but quality maca powder and turmeric mean more than simple comforts because you are a natural warrior. As a natural warrior, you enjoy the creamy and delicious combination of ingredients in CocoTropic that improves your concentration, reduces your anxiety, and boosts mental performance. Most exciting? This blend is made in a certified organic and gluten-free facility in Austin, Texas. 

Check below to see what natural warriors are saying.

The CocoTropic nootropic pack offers 16 servings


"CocoTropic helps me focus and it makes me happy, but it also tastes great."

"CocoTropic helps me focus and it makes me happy, but it also tastes great." "Nootropics are a big part of my life, but I hate taking 10 pills a day. CocoTropic gives me most of the nootropic benefits I need in a simple, good tasting cacao drink. The first time I took this I was so happy I had to go to the park and play outside."

- Jesse Maschke, Actress

Mucuna Pruriens

Dopamine is a brain chemical that is associated with happiness, mood, and improved concentration. Drugs like adderall use dopamine to improve focus and mental energy, but mucuna pruriens is a natural and healthy source of dopamine for your brain. CocoTropic has a healthy dose of mucuna pruriens for added concentration and mood boosting.

Raw Cacao Powder

Cacao powder is the elixir of the indigenous south American peoples. It tastes great, but the real benefits are in the anti-oxidant properties that can boost your immune system and brain health. Cocoa flavanols can boost memory and learning ability while it can even help improve mood.

Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is a fungus indigenous to China that has been used for thousands of years. It has properties that will help reduce anxiety and it is often a natural way to unwind, relax, and reduce levels of stress. At the same time, it can boost your immune system to ward off infection and disease to perform at your best. Although this is a powerful ingredient for your brain, it is incredibly effect for general health as well.

Raw Maca Powder

The maca root is native to Peru and is used to reduce anxiety. In fact, studies suggest it is an effective tool capable of reducing stress up to 11%. This has a positive affect on memory and mental performance. Additionally, maca is known to improve libido and feelings of vigor.

You feel super alert, active, and engaged

"What I was really happy about is that it works perfectly when you're hitting that 1pm-2pm slump. You want to get engaged again so you can have [CocoTropic] and it doesn't effect your's not a jittery stimulant...a more subtler focus...and it honestly tastes like a high end hot chocolate too. "

- Nathaniel Eliason, Director of Marketing at SumoMe

I sip [CocoTropic] while working and it gets the job done

"My favorite way to take the CocoTropic is actually in a smoothie. I use coffee as a base, I blend in a little bit of MCT oil, and then I add 1-2 tablespoons and then I usually ice it, but you can also have it hot. And I just kind of sip that for a few hours while I'm working and it gets the job done."

- Colin Stuckert, CEO of Wild Foods

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