The average lifespan of a human in America has grown to 79 years old, which is up 9 years in the past decade. As we are living longer, people are increasingly wondering how to improve their longevity and maintain a healthy brain in their later years. Diseases like Alzheimer's, dementia, and neurodegenerative problems plague millions of elderly people who have bodies that are outlasting their brains. 

As many scientists and researchers are looking into ways to cure cancer and other illnesses, there is much effort to increase the longevity and the quality of life of the elderly. Some of this research has nothing to do with a product that you can buy, but instead is more related to practices and habits.

This article will focus on 4 different steps that you can take to increase the longevity of your brain. If you're young and robust, pass this along to a relative or friend who might be in need!

Fasting and Ketosis for Brain Longevity

The last thing many concerned people will suggest regarding brain longevity is to stop eating. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that this is just the thing you should do. One 2014 study called "Fasting or caloric restriction for Healthy Aging" recounts the findings of Stephen Anton and his cohort. 

This study concluded that fasting with only 55 - 65% caloric restricted diets could increase their lifespan by 35 - 65%. Even in the worst case scenario, extrapolating from this data that you could eat 65% less calories and get a 35% longer life? Sounds appealing.

In fact, fasting has got so much attention it is even becoming a topic of hot debate on Dr. Mercola's website as well.

Supplements and Nootropics

Hyperion Mind wants to improve the quality of the mind and longevity is a major part. One of the best ways to increase brain health for the long term is to use specific supplements. Our own creatine monohydrate is great for longevity as it helps aid in cellular ATP product, but we've for three other supplements and nootropics that can really make a difference (that we don't even sell).

1. CoQ10 - This is a molecule that our bodies synthesize ourselves and is often referred to as coenzyme Q10 . The main benefit of this enzyme is that it helps aid in the development of energy in the mitochondria. It is an important molecule that we already use, but supplementation can provide optimal doses.

2. Piracetam - If you haven't heard of the racetam family, this is the grandfather that has the most evidence and research. While there are many piracetam benefits, it is still a non-FDA approved drug. Look online to see if you an find a safe product that has certificates of analysis by a third party if you're going to go this route.

3. Bulletproof Coffee - Surprise! Didn't think this would come did you? Bulletproof coffee is a type of butter coffee that has great benefits for the brain. According to research, MCT oil is great for anti-aging and longevity and has had positive effects on patients who are struggling with Alzheimer's disease.