1-2-Go - Power Pack - 10 Servings

Enhance focus, concentration and mental energy with ingredients from all natural sources like coffee, tea, and cacao.

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  • Improves attention to work more efficiently (reference)(ref)
  • Provides motivation and alertness to workout harder (ref)
  • Caffeine + L-theanine shown to work better together (ref)
  • Most well-researched nootropic and safe stimulant

It's happened to you hundreds of times. You drink some coffee, feel energized, but then you get jittery and anxious. But this time, you've got a natural trick up your sleeve. You whip out your 1-2-Go, with the relaxing and stress-free L-Theanine, take a capsule and get in the zone. The caffeine jitters are gone. Anxiety, non-existent. As a natural warrior, you know 1 more ingredient is about to kick in: theobromine. Now you're on top of your A-game. Best part? This blend is made in a certified organic and gluten-free facility in Austin, Texas.

Check below to see what natural warriors are saying. 

The 1-2-Go Power Pack offers 10 servings

"This has replaced my morning coffee. No jitters, just focused energy."

“I take 1-2-Go in the morning and get a few hours of really great work done. After that, I hit the gym and feel like I have a ton of energy. It has really made a difference in the gym and at work in the past 4 months."

- Joshua Erickson, Wall-Street Trader

L-theanine From Green Tea

L-theanine is a natural amino acid derived from green tea. It reduces stress and helps improve the effects of caffeine while negating the jitters and high blood pressure.

Theobromine From Cacao

Theobromine is a stimulant found in the cacao plant. The increased mood and mental alertness from chocolate comes from theobromine.

Natural Caffeine

Caffeine is one of the world's most used stimulants. In the right dose it is a safe and effective way to improve physical and mental performance by increasing motivation and concentration.

"1-2-Go provides...the energy I need in the dance studio"
"Being a dance major here, I have a very busy hectic schedule. There is a lot of time spent studying...1-2-Go provides me with the energy that I need in the dance studio and the energy I need for my studies."
- Amanda Gasper, UNM Musical Dance Student

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