Unexpectedly Great Workouts from Everyday Life

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Visiting the gym, pool, track, or other arena for your particular fitness activity is a purposeful and necessary occurrence. Without a routine and set of goals, it is difficult to be highly successful in your endeavor.

However, our everyday life is filled with unexpectedly great workouts that can help us stay healthy, help other people, and have fun at the same time. By injecting more spontaneity, fun, and excitement, it is possible to accelerate health goals and become stronger mentally and physically.

Dancing at clubs / bars

Next time you visit your favorite club or bar with friends on the weekend, consider an alternative to consuming high quantities of alcohol. Instead of depressing your immune system, brain, and body, focus on creating a fun cardio session of dancing that includes randomized movement and play.

Dancing is a great exercise because, if done properly, can help improve your mental state and your physical capabilities. From a physiological perspective, you can easily see benefits from dancing in random motions that strengthen hips, back, and all parts of your legs. More importantly, as Elliott Hulse says, “if you cannot dance, you are not free.” Take the opportunity to free your mind from self-consciousness, from limiting beliefs, and overcome your fears.

Electronic dance music (EDM) concerts

Electronic dance music has been popular in Europe and other parts of the world for decades, but in America it is relatively new in the mainstream. Artists like Skrillex and Calvin Harris have brought EDM into the mainstream, which means there are always concerts you can visit.

Usually the concerts consist of 3 – 5 artists playing extremely high-energy and loud music that is immensely fun to dance to. Similar to dancing at clubs and bars, you can move your body in randomized ways for a unique workout; in some cases an EDM concert is the next level up because you can dance for 4 hours straight rather than taking breaks while with your friends downtown!

Jumping rope

Sometimes the activities we do as a kid are more emblematic of our heart's true desire. While you may visit the gym or run local streets, your inner child probably wants to jump rope. The entire premise of Dan Witmer's wildly successful Bass-Jump is using short, intense, and fun jump rope circuits in order to burn fat and maintain a healthier body composition. The reason he has so much success with himself and his clients is because jumping rope is a fun system that is easy to sustain in the long term.

Moving furniture

For strength athletes or bodybuilders, offering to help people move furniture is a great workout that tests form in the face of oddly shaped pieces. It also will strain certain parts of your body due to the bizarre weight distribution, which will help you to become a stronger and more resilient person.

It also has the obvious side effect of making another human feel better and more loved. By offering your assistance to another as a strong gym-goer, you are taking the skills and virtues from the weight room and gifting them to other people. This is often the most fulfilling thing that you can do and the added physical workout makes it even better!

Walking in nature

While high intensity training is great for fat loss and burning calories, your body burns more fat during low intensity exercise rather than high intensity. Walking is actually one of the activities with the most fat burning possible and it is a healthy, sustainable option for many who are too injured to partake in more intense activities.

By walking in nature you can better enjoy the world around you and appreciate it more. It is also a scientifically-proven way of burning fat and getting a complimentary workout to your typical fare.

Group activities

Getting together in a group of like-minded individuals for fun without intense structure can be the most rewarding workout that you can find. While this is more planned as a workout than the other examples, it is a fun way of incorporating exercise into your life. My friends Brandon Epstein, from Entrepreneur Fitness, and Dan Witmer, from Bass-Jump, have started a program entitled “Two Dudes and a Roof” to jump-start the week with guided meditations, physical fitness and fun.

See how happy we all look? 

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