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The majority of athletes and bodybuilders have embraced technology to make positive physical changes. In fact, many are on the cutting edge of technology and science trying to get every advantage they can without requiring much scientific evidence. Many of these individuals now utilize dozens of health and fitness applications with more being released daily. People testing their strength on a creatine supplement can utilize all of these apps to determine whether it is working. 

Here is a master list of health and fitness smart phone applications that will help you decide which one might be best for you. As you will quickly see, not all apps are made equally and the community has strong things to say about each.

Lifting & Fitness Apps

  • Big Lifts - Android app for Wendler 5/3/1 workout routine. The community of lifters seems to prefer "Big Lifts 2", but it depends if you are utilizing this workout method or not.
  • BodyLog - App and website for monitoring progress via pictures
  • C25K - App to help runners finish long-distance running competitions.
  • CC Tracker - Android app for "Convict Conditioning", which is a book based on bodyweight strength by Paul Wade.
  • - This is a simple web-based warmup app people use to calculate warming up before their work sets.
  • Endomondo - Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and iPhone app for workout tracking
  • FitnessFast - iPhone weightlifting app
  • FitNotes - Android gym workout log. This can be used specifically for your actual lifting while some people prefer to use other apps for warmup. Works for ICF protocol.
  • Fitted Lifts - iPhone weightlifting app
  • Full Fitness - iPhone exercise tracker
  • Gym Buddy - iPhone weightlifting app and cardio log
  • Gym Hero - iPhone app that is smart enough to adapt and learn gym-goers habits. Might not be useful for everyone, though.
  • Jefit - Android weight lifting app. Used in the community for Wendler 5/3/1 and other strength regimens. There seems to be a very positive reception for this app.
  • Lift Club - iPhone app for weight lifting, interval timer for HIIT, progress tracker / goal setter
  • LiftRep - Workout log application
  • Run The World - iPhone app for GPS running, walking, cycling and motivational tool
  • Smacktive - Helps people to find people nearby to workout with
  • Strong Log - Android app for "Starting Strength" and "Strong Lifts" workout routines
  • Sworkit - iPhone and Android app that develops random circuit training workouts.
  • Wrkout - Android app for doing HIIT workouts

Diet & Nutrition

  • MyFitnessPal - Great iPhone, Android, and web app for tracking caloric intake. Anyone wanting to be precise without spending a ton of time should look into this. Community loves its ease and interface as well.
  • DailyBurn - iPhone and web app
  • FatSecret - Android, iPhone, and web app
  • FitDay - iPhone app
  • Lose It! - Android, iPhone and web app. Users can scan barcodes for quick on-the-go food recording.
  • My Plate - iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows, and web app

Happy Lifting!

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Love the list guys. Thanks a lot for aggregating everything so nicely.

Posted by Jonathan Hedberg on March 01, 2015

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