Natural Muscle Growing Practices

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Bodybuilders and athletes are always looking for an edge over the competition, which can lead many into steroids and other pro-hormone drugs. While that is an individual choice, there are other average people who would prefer to grow their muscles through the most natural practices that are currently possible. Many would rather change their lifestyle than to take any synthetic hormones or pro-hormones at all.

Therefore, we will break down the practices that you can use on a daily basis that will help to improve your muscle growing hormones, such as testosterone, IGF-1, and human growth hormone. These are lifestyle choices to optimize your growth potential and improve your results with some of the negative side effects associated with steroids.

Daily Practices for Enhanced Muscle Building

There are few people who would not like to get bigger and stronger, but the range of steps one is willing to take varies widely; some don't care what they have to take in order to get their physical advantages. Others prefer to use only some of these natural strategies in order to get the results:

Cold Showers

It might seem extreme to take a cold shower in the dead of winter, but it may be the difference you need for adrenaline and testosterone advantages. Immediately after cold exposure you should feel increased testosterone levels even if they are not very long lasting.

Average to High Fat / Cholesterol Diet

Fat consumption is one of the big indicators of testosterone levels in men; those that do not get adequate fat will most likely suffer from low testosterone. If you are overweight or struggling with cholesterol, that does not mean you cannot maintain a diet higher in fat and cholesterol. Low fat diets often result in terribly low testosterone, which can diminish your results in the gym.


Micronutrient Balance

Strangely, it isn't all about red meat and eggs when it comes to muscle building. Micronutrient deficiencies, like zinc and magnesium, can prevent testosterone production in our glands. Vegetables are imperative for adequate testosterone production as well.

High Protein / Low Carbs

While Paleo-style diets are very popular right now, research indicates a diet too low in carbohydrates can decrease testosterone. Try to make sure you get most of your carbohydrates from safer starches like rice, potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes. Alternatively, you could eat more plantains and bananas with fruit options. Whatever you choose, just know that it will help with testosterone.

Intermittent Fasting

At Hyperion Strength we are big proponents of intermittent fasting for cognitive energy purposes among any others. However, one positive advantage of intermittent fasting regimens is increased growth hormone. One recent study showed a 24-hour fast increased an average man's hGH by nearly 2000% .

Lift Heavy and Compound Movements

Two things that you can do in the gym to increase your testosterone levels is to utilize compound lifts that incorporate your entire body and do so with heavy weights. Programs that provide progressive overload with heavy weights and compound movements will provide the best bang for your buck. The “Body by Scienceone set to failure can be great for beginners, but sometimes higher volume can increase testosterone.

Better Sleep

Duringyour sleep cycle your body will release human growth hormone. This is primarily where you can begin and promote the repair and growth of muscle tissue so do not underestimate the power of getting enough rest. It might seem like a fun idea to party with the boys, but getting a better night of rest is going to improve testosterone and offer advantages in the gym.

Grand Slam: Supplements that Improve Muscle Growth

Taking advantage of natural lifestyle practices that you can use to improve muscle growth is great, but sometimes it will come with a genetic ceiling. If your ancestors didn't provide you with the genetic makeup to secrete more growth hormone and testosterone, it is going to be up to you to decide whether the next step incorporates supplements.

A supplement regime does not have to incorporate steroids; instead it can focus primarily on well-researched products and age-old medicinal wisdom.

Asian medicine, such as Ayurvedic and Chinese wisdom, used many different herbs for enhancing hormones that can promote muscle growth including:

Fenugreek – An herb used in many dishes, Ayurvedic medicine accurately noted testosterone boosting properties thousands of years ago. 500 mg fenugreek supplementation (the same dose in the Enhanced Creatine Formula) offered college-age men with increased testosterone and bioavailable testosterone. However, other studies found varying results.

Coleus Forskohlii – A natural herb “forskolin”, this has one double-blind study in humans that confirms testosterone advantages.

Eurycoma Longiforia – This herbal remedy, often referred to as “longjack” has mixed evidence about testosterone. Men that were hypogonadic saw a 46% increase in testosterone.

Creatine – While Hyperion Strength is biased by promoting creatine as a natural muscle growth supplement, it has the most evidence and is one of the best supplements for the task. As a side note, creatine has also been shown to increase testosterone. Evidence does not suggest it is a consistent advantage, though.

Getting Started with Natural Muscle Growth Practices

If you are interested in starting your workout regimen with less synthetic steroids and supplements, we have provided an extensive list of daily lifestyle practices and herbal options that can provide some of the advantages you need. While it may take a lot of time and money to complete all of these, at least it is being done in a natural way.

Conversely, there is nothing inherently wrong with steroids if used and respected in the right way. Before taking anything that powerful, Hyperion Strength recommends you speak to a trusted medical professional. No matter what you decide, these practices will make you happier, improve your wellbeing and offer you muscle building advantages.

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